GCSE Preparation Online April 2022

Participants will have the opportunity to use all the grammatical tenses, develop and improve all their skills, such us, reading, writing, speaking and listenig. The sessions include grammatical explanations, conversations around all the exam’s topics, role play, exam’s strategies and feedback.

Term: From 20th April  (10 sessions)

Day/time: Wednesdays 5:00pm 

Places:  No more than 5 participants 

Fee: £150  (payments are made in advanced by bank transfer or PayPal £1additional charge)

Booking: info@clubespanol.org.uk

GCSE Preparation Online Private sessions 

The sessions are designed to develop and enhance your personal skills, of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Also develop your learning strategies, improve your confidence and fluency.

We work around your schedule at thetime that suits you